Building Communities.
Creating Neighbourhoods.


Since 1967

Lakewood recognizes that building successful communities takes more than just constructing well-designed homes. It also means understanding local dynamics and establishing a community that taps into the best features of the surrounding neighbourhood.
This means constructing communities that are both beautifully designed and well-integrated with local parks, shopping facilities, and transportation hubs.

Over 4000 residents in the Lower Mainland proudly live in a Lakewood family home. Each home is a testament to the company’s ability to achieve the perfect balance between function and stylish design. Whether it’s a row of Surrey townhomes, a condominium near the park, or a single family dwelling, Lakewood lays out each element of the built environment with homeowners in mind. The end result is homes with top-of-the-line appliances, functional layouts, beautiful interiors, and effective integration with the surrounding community.


The company has currently turned its attention towards establishing exceptional residential communities in Surrey. As with past projects, the company sets out to make every new community the best it can be. Its portfolio of townhomes and condos for sale in Surrey are an attractive option for homebuyers looking for modern, West-Coast living without an enormous price tag.

50+ Years, 60+ Projects, Over 4000 Homes